Madden 25 Football league. Brother league of xHARDCORE MADDENx

AFC Standings Week 1

AFC East

Team Owner Rec

xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Buf BananaSplittt 11-4-1
xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Ne Herbanomics 10-6
xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Mia xRazorHawgX 6-10

AFC North

Team Owner Rec

xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Cle sontaranchief 14-2
xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Pit Backley4 12-4


xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Cin hofmeister929 6-10

AFC South

Team Owner Rec

xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Ind That NLNJA 5-11
xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Jac Amazingx 5-11
xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Hou Kolpro 4-12

AFC West

Team Owner Rec

xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Sd Fooferton Brown 11-5
xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Den Warmaster91 7-8-1
xHYBRID MADDENx Rules Kc LubricantShrimp 7-9



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    Post by V1OL3NTBYD3S1GN on Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:12 pm

    ** These rules are in addition to the rules already posted. These Rules were in place when the original xHARDCORE MADDENx was formed years ago. These will over shadow any posted previous rules, but will also be combined where deemed fit.



    1. Franchise Settings

    A.) We will use the updated rosters.

    B.) 8 Minute Quarters

    C.) All-Madden Difficulty

    D.) Injuries: On

    E.) Accelerated Clock:15 seconds

    F.) Fantasy Draft: NO

    G.) 3 Advancements per week (Monday & Wednesday & Friday at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

    H.) Updated Rosters

    2. Game play

    A.) Never Play against the CPU unless approved by me.

    B.) YOU MUST SCHEDULE ALL OF YOUR GAMES ON THIS FORUM AND CONTACT ME WITHIN 36 HOURS OF GAME TO BE PLAYED SO I CAN GET A HOLD OF OTHER OWNER (this is so I have a way to track what owners have tried to contact another owner.)

    C.) Missed games will not be tolerated, with that said I do know that everyone has a life, family, job, and unplanned events. I will not punish anyone who misses a game as long as you contact me by PM or Email. If you have to miss a game I totally understand, just remember that communication is key.

    D.) IF you get disconnected in a league game, you are to STOP what you are doing and restart with the opponent. If this happens more than 3 times, then please get me involved.


    a.) If the person obviously quit the game out of frustration or whatever. Let it be known that I frown upon quitting and chances are if you do this you'll most likely be kicked out of the league.

    b.) If the game is a complete blowout (YOU STILL HAVE TO BE IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE GAME) also, a blowout is considered up 28 points in the 3rd quarter and/or up 21 points in the 4th quarter.

    c.) OR if your opponent gets disconnected and he concedes to you, or allows you to keep playing against the computer.

    F.) No glitching, cheating, or cheesing. This pertains to not scoring a TD when you have the oppurtunity to score, running the same plays over and over, nano blitzing, and freezing the game out.(All Rules violations MUST BE REPORTED TO ONE OF THE STAFF MEMBERS VIA PM OR EMAIL. DO NOT CALL ANYONE OUT ON THE FORUMS OR DISCUSS THE VIOLATION IN CHAT-BOX.) T

    G.) Mobile QB's can ONLY be run with out of designed runs, you can only scramble with a QB if the pocket is collapsed and you have no choice. This never should be as soon as you hike the ball you take off around the corner. The pocket must be open. If the rush is coming from the outside you must step up into the pocket to make a pass.

    H.) 4th down policy

    a.) You can not go for it if you are on your side of the field.

    b.) You can not go for it if you are up by 14 or more points.

    *You can go for it anytime in the fourth quarter if you are losing at your own risk*

    I.) Play fair and realistic. (Do not to use the same play all game long. It just makes the game boring, and is an insult to your own skill.)

    J.) Do not run up the score on any opponent and also play responsibly if you are losing big. Please run the ball up the middle if you are blowing out your opponent (blowout is explained below). If you are losing badly, don't make it worse by going for it on 4th down every time from your own 10 yard line. Even real NFL Teams punt the ball still to ensure that the game does not get REALLY out of hand.

    **(A blowout would be considered up 28 points in the 3rd quarter and/or 21 points in the 4th), running up the score is the number one cause for people to quit the league.

    K.) Defensive Player Movement.

    a.) Defensive Lineman can not be moved manually period. You may move Defensive lineman with the preset shifts.

    b.) Defensive Secondary can only be moved horizontally (left and right) manually, you can bring safeties and Corners to the line via the preset shifts, but not manually.

    c.) Linebackers can move freely as long as you only control one at a time and do not nano blitz with them.

    L.) Fake Punts / Field Goals are banned with no exceptions.

    **Yes this is a Sim league but obviously it is not going to be 100% realistic in every way. Try to play fair and reasonably, that's about all we can ask.**

    3. Trading Rules

    A.) All trades must receive a 2 out of 4 vote approval by the trade staff.

    B.) Once you and another owner agree to a trade you must post in the trade approval thread in the following format:

    Team 1 Gets:
    Player A, position, overall
    Player B, position, overall

    Team 2 Gets:
    Player C, position, overall
    Player D, position, overall

    **One owner posts the message and the other must accept before the trades will be considered for approval.**

    C.) Once a trade is approved you must complete all trades through the Madden video game. Do not do any ADD or DROPS to complete any trades unless approved by the HM staff.

    4. Free Agency

    A.) Free Agency will begin immediately following Week 1 Advance.

    B.) You will be allowed 2 add in Week 2 on a first come first serve basis.

    C.) After the First Week of Free Agency (Week 2), You will be allowed to pick up 2 Free Agents per week.

    D.) Violation of any of the Free Agency Rules will result in a reversal of transaction and a one week suspension from free agency.

    5. Off Season Free Agency

    A.) If we get into a second Played season we will add this feature, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

    6.) ACTIVITY

    A.) Activity is a must! I will be keeping track of your visits and your posts. If you have not visited the site once every 3 days or posted once every 3 days then you will have consequences to your team that could affect your upcoming games. This should be a non issue since all you have to do is schedule your game on the forum each week and you will not have any consequences. Order of penalties are as follows:

    a.) Warning
    b.) Player Suspension of your choice.
    c.) Player suspension of my choice.
    d.) One game suspension (Opponent plays game against CPU)
    e.) Removal from the league.

    6. Forum Rules

    A.) First, once you have joined the forum (and to be in this league you need to be a member of this forum and be active) You must make your avatar the team you are and your user name must be your Gamertag. This is done to make it easier to recognize who is what team. If you have registered under a different name, you can go into your profile and change it to your Gamertag. Any questions please email or PM me.

    B.) Excessive vulgarity and taunting is NOT allowed. I'm all about trash talking but don't cross the line or you'll be asked to leave.

    ** As the commissioner of this league I reserve the right to make changes or modifications to above rules as I see fit.**

    Thank You,


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